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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school:


Senior Leadership Team:
Mrs P Ward - Headteacher, Assessment and Curriculum.
Mrs S Mander - Deputy Head, NQT Mentor, English Leader, Languages

Mrs K Armstrong - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Sampson - Assistant Headteacher


Class Teachers:

Class 7 - Mrs J Crawford (Resource Manager, DCPO, None Core Curriculum Leader)
Class 6 - Mr S Brooks
Class 5 - Mr R Allen (Maths Leader)
Class 4 - Miss H Naylor 
Class 3 - Mrs S Curle (ICT, E-Safety Leader)

Class 2 - Mrs S Moore (KS1 Leader)

Class 1 - Miss A Taylor (Science)

FS2      - Mrs K Woodcock 

FS1      - Miss J Watts 


Support Staff:

Mrs Z Hirst         - SEND

Mr R Smith         - Learning Mentor (PE Lead, Extended School Lead, Positive Playground)
Mrs W Hales      - Learning Mentor

Mr J Blakemore  - Learning Mentor (Attendance)


Learning Support Assistants:

Class 7 - Miss E Gelder, Mrs J Rookes

Class 6 - Mrs W Hales, Mrs A Langley

Class 5 - Mrs K Watts

Class 4 - Mrs C Bristow

Class 3 - Mrs B Dewsnap

Class 2 - Mrs L Leitch

Class 1 - Miss L Russell

FS        -  Mrs P Barker, Mrs K Beeley, Mrs B Rusling, Mrs Y Sanford


Breakfast Club: Mrs C Bristow, Mrs B Dewsnap, Mrs W Hales, Mr S Sowden


SMSA's: Mrs H Hartley (Supervisor), Mrs B Davies, Mrs A Field, Mrs A Rodgers, Mrs S Morton, Mrs P Wilson


Administration: Mrs J Harrison (School Business Manager), Mrs M Blackbourn (Admin Assistant)


Premises: Mr S Sowden (Site Manager)