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British Values and SMSC

At Anston Hillcrest Primary, we want our learners not only to be attaining highly as they explore a diverse and rich curriculum, but also to develop their cultural capital and social, moral and spiritual compass as they increasingly take their role within the school family and wider community.

To that end, our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) programmes aim to grow our children as young citizens who are confident in their beliefs, able to serve to the community and carefully consider the impact of their behaviour and actions.

In order to support children's personal development, ewe have charities which they will be responsible for raising funds for and championing across the year (these are currently Rotherham Hospice, Kindness and Co. and Project Uganda). 

As a school family, we will continue to support a diverse range of charities and organisations which serve not only our area, but further afield too.