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Class 3

~Welcome to Year 3 with Miss Curle, Mrs Dewsnap and Mr Blakemore. 

Welcome back and I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break!
I personally am so excited, as I know the children are, to take this next adventure on our next Learning Journey. We will be looking at Natural Disasters including volcanoes, tsunami's, earthquakes and the amazing wonders of this worlds weather changes. We have starter this journey off by creating our own 3D model of a cross section of a volcano so that we can examine the insides of a volcano and how these are created. I am sure your children will be coming home every day with hundreds of new facts they have learnt! You can see some children making this model from the photos in Natural Disaster section.

 Keep up the hard work on all your Maths Passports. Year 3 are flying through these and we want to keep this up! make sure you're practising these at home in addition to spellings and reading nightly. We really want to push spellings and SPAG this term, therefore you may notice children bringing more work home to practice their spellings and learning that have taken place in class.

Please note as some times the PE days vary please bring your PE kit on Monday and keep this in school until Friday. Remember to try and put names in your clothing so that we don't lose items.

‚ÄčI am so proud of all the hard work you have been putting in and it is definitely paying off for you and is clear to see in your work so a big well done from me too.