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Class 3 - Mr Brooks (Millipedes)

Hello to Y3 and their parents and carers.


We understand many of you are not able to attend school at the moment. However, fear not, we will put opportunities for learning on the website over the coming school weeks. If you wish to put your learning onto Seesaw, then I will be able to see it. Feel free to do some, none or all of what is on here! 


Each week there will be..


Reading - the format will be very similar to the one we follow in school (vocabulary, read the text, answer questions)


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - around about ten minutes worth for each school day, just like the pupils have been sitting down to in the mornings.


Maths - a mix of different activities, with one topic each week.


Learning Logs - can still be completed if you wish.


A chance to keep active. Many people are enjoying Joe Wicks' workout. Or you could get out in the back garden and practise your throwing and catching.


I will try and set a few other challenges for those that want to take part and put some of the best ones on here possibly science and computing.


As well as this, make sure your children are reading - keep recording it in their reading journals. TimesTables' Rockstars - can still be used as can Spelling and Maths Sheds.


To help with any of this, you are welcome to e-mail me at


I'd be happy to hear anything from students or parents and will e-mail back information, help or comments.


Finally, keep as active and healthy as you safely can.


Mr Brooks