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Class 5

Welcome to the Year 5's class page.

Class Teacher: Mrs Bond

Learning Support Assistants: Ms McLaughlin & Mrs Woodcock (HLTA)

Wow! We can't believe we're half way through this half term already, before we know it we'll be moving in to our new classes! This half term we have begun our Learning Journey about Earth, leading into next half term's 'Can we make a difference?' This journey began with a Wow day, where we discovered an alien had crash landed their spacecraft on the school field during a mission to gather information about our solar system. After investigating all the evidence, including diary extracts and photos of different planets, we found that we needed to provide it with information about the Earth, Sun and Moon in order for it to be rescued by its Elders. Not an easy task, we can tell you! We are currently working in teams on the project to help the alien return to its homeland...wherever that may be!

A brand new Learning Log Project was set at the start of the half term and are due back on Friday 23rd May. This project involves the children finding out about an aspect of space exploration (the details are attached under the 'Learning Log Project' section of our page).

Although we haven't had a class trip this half term, we have had a visit from a scientist who told us a great deal about the Solar System and Space in general. We are lucky that he has offered to come back with his equipment, so that we can use telescopes to look at the Sun (safely, of course).

Spelling Challenge:

We launched the whole school Spelling Challenge at the start of term, and so far we have had many challenges completed by some of the class. Please remember, Class 5, to practise your spellings and have a go at the challenges - we want to have a good time on the reward day! :-)

Thank you to those who have sent us many empty cereal boxes, cartons and kitchen roll tubes - we're going to have a fantastic creative day next week!