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Curriculum Photos

Take a look at all our learning! We have been developing our skills in all seven areas of learning.
Picture 1 Resilience!
Picture 2 Numbers Numbers Numbers!
Picture 3 Malleable Table!
Picture 4 Jumping!
Picture 5 Working Together!
Picture 6 Weaving!
Picture 7 We love a good book!
Picture 8 We can add!
Picture 9 We are brave readers!
Picture 10 Sweet Music!
Picture 11 Singing & Dancing!
Picture 12 Roll the Hoop!
Picture 13 Repeating Patterns!
Picture 14 Number Wizard!
Picture 15 Number Rocket!
Picture 16 In the Woods!
Picture 17 Fun in the Water!
Picture 18 Fun in the Gloop!
Picture 19 Firework Words!
Picture 20 Computer Whizz!
Picture 21 Colour Explosion!
Picture 22 Climbing High!
Picture 23 Building!
Picture 24 Baking Gingerbread!
Picture 25 Autumn Fun!
Picture 26 Artist in Action!
Picture 27 2D Shapes!