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Lend Me Your Literacy

The Year 2 children are currently taking part in the 'Lend Me Your Literacy' project. The aim of the project is to give children a real purpose and audience for their writing. On the 26th of January we took 5 writers to Kiverton Park Infant School where they created a piece of writing. The writing the children have done can be viewed using the website below.

Over the next few weeks all the children will have an opportunity to upload their own writing to the website. This will enable parents and other adults from all over the World to read their writing and allow anyone to comment on it. It you have time please take a look and make some comments. The children would love to have your feedback! The website is safe and all written work and comments have to be approved before they go live to the website. You can register for free and you will find all our learning in the Wales Learning Community section. We are all very excited about the project as I hope you are too!