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Our role as the PTA is to fundraise in order to support the children in ways the school aren’t able to. To do this, we organise the school discos, the summer fayre, evening events for parents, Christmas cards etc with all of the money raised going straight back in to school to enhance the children’s time there. Over the last two years the PTA have purchased things such as 15 iPads, play equipment, Year 6 leavers photos, waterproof clothes among many other things. And we are grateful for your continued support in this!


The PTA is made up of the Committee (as below) and several other parents who attend the meetings and offer support at events we run. Meetings are held roughly every 8 weeks at alternate mornings and evenings to discuss fundraising ideas and organise events. We love to welcome old and new faces so please pop in to any of the meetings even if you can’t attend on a regular basis. Miss Hill will be attending meetings as often as she can.


You can also keep up to date with information from us by joining our Facebook page or please stop one of us in the school yard for a chat.


Once again thank you for your continued support.



The committee

Who are we?


James Clay - PTA chair

I am a parent, who currently has 2 Children at Anston Hillcrest. I also attended Anston Hillcrest in my younger years as a pupil.... Helping my children’s school and the school that helped me when I was younger are the 2 main reasons why I got involved with the PTA.

My job as PTA chair includes:


  • Raising money for the children and the school.
  • Helping to organise events such as Children’s disco’s, Summer Fayre and Social evenings etc. 
  • Managing meetings and setting out agenda’s.
  • Welcoming contributions from all members of the committee, teachers and parents/ carer’s so that everyone feels involved.
  • Working closely with the Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary to ensure that the PTA is run effectively.
  • To ensure that the business of the PTA is conducted in accordance with the wishes of everyone involved with the school. 


Yvonne Sanford – Vice chair

I became involved with the PTA about nine years ago when my son attended Anston Hillcrest. I came along to meetings as a parent to support the PTA and volunteered when there were events arranged. I was voted in as vice chairperson when I started working at the school four years ago. I now work in the Foundation unit as a LSA. I feel very privileged to work alongside a great PTA team and such supportive and generous parents.


My role as a vice chairperson involves:

· Chair any meetings that the chair is unable to attend

· Liaise with the committee to arrange and organise events

· Liaise with school staff to arrange dates for PTA events

· Liaise with PTA members to help in and around school when needed e.g. wrapping Christmas books, helping with parties

· Welcome and encourage new members


Nicola Pritchard – Treasurer

I am a Hillcrest parent with children in years 1 and 3. I enjoy being involved with the PTA and being able to support the school to provide the best for all the children.


My role as treasurer includes:

  • Handling the money raised at all our events and looking after balancing the bank account.
  • Producing end of year accounts
  • Attending PTA meetings and liaising with staff in school
  • Assisting with PTA fund raising events


Holly Crosby - PTA secretary

I am a parent of one of the children in School and so have a real interest in helping to support Anston Hillcrest where I can.


My role as secretary involves:

  • Supporting the chairman and PTA team as a whole
  • Taking minutes from the meeting and distributing
  • Writing newsletters to ensure parents are kept up to date
  • Helping to organise and run various activities throughout the school year


To make sure that all parents in school can contribute to PTA meetings, whether that be feedback on what we do or ideas for new things, we have asked for a parent representative for each class. Should you wish to pass a message to the PTA but can’t make a meeting or don’t see us in the school yard, please do so via your class rep:


FS1 – Laura Bailey

FS2 - Amy Pearson

Y1- Claire Ward

Y2 - Alison Arthur

Y3 - Julia Wing

Y4 - Sian Fletcher

Y5 - Stephen Hogg

Y6 - Vicky Hawksworth


If you can join us for a meeting, we’d love to see you! There’s always lots of friendly smiles, and on the odd occasion a cake or two!



Letters from the PTA

Minutes of our PTA meetings