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Pupil voice

Bucket Fillers (Anti-bullying ambassadors)

Mr Blakemore is working with Mrs Foxley-Johnson (Anti-bullying consultant) to create a new team of anti-bullying ambassadors in school. They will be named after the story we regularly read in school, 'Have you filled a bucket today?'

The purpose of this team is not just to help prevent bullying but also to ensure friendships are developing, there are other children to share concerns with and to embed ideas the children have to develop well being in school.

Our anti-bullying ambassadors are:

Monday Bella and Gene

Tuesday Jim and Henry

Wednesday Isaac, Isaac and Harley

Thursday Maggie and Oliver

Friday Ethan and Abbie

Anston Hillcrest School Council

The children of Anston Hillcrest Primary know exactly what is needed to create a positive change. Encouraging their participation, sharing voice and opinions contributes and influences meaningful decisions that ultimately affect them.


“The children are the engine... They just need steering in the right direction”


Anston Hillcrest school council aims to:

•      Provide a safe, happy and fair learning environment to enjoy and achieve.

•      Provide a stage to discuss and act upon matters that interest them and to voice their concerns, empowering them to create positive change.

•      Encourage children to become active partners in their education.

•      Provide structural opportunities to learn about leadership and problem solving, contributing to the management of their school.

•      Provide new life skills through practical experiences.

•      Encourage the children to work together with the school, community and beyond to achieve more.

•      Provide the children with the skills to be active global citizens.


Our school council for 2019-20

Class  Name Name
Class 1  Finley Lola
Class 2  Lucia  Isaac 
Class 3  Dexter Mischa
Class 4  Oliver Frances
Class 5 Finley Emma
Class 6  Harriet (Chair) Olivia (Secretary)
Class 7 Jayden (Time-keeper) Corsan (Vice-chair)


Well-being ambassadors

This exciting new project will mean we have children leading the way to better mental health in school. We are walking in the steps of Wales High School who already has a successful mental health ambassador team. We have asked the pupils involved at Wales High School to support us in setting up and running our new team.


We will be using 'The Blinks' books written by Andrea Chatten at Unravel in Sheffield. These books will help us to understand Love, Anxiety, Anger and Self-esteem.


We have now appointed our Well-being ambassadors! We are so excited about the fantastic ideas they shared as part of their interviews. Watch this space!

Houses and House Captains 


Mrs Mander has been busy interviewing our new prefects. We are so excited about working with the children as they start in their new leadership roles!