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South Yorkshire Reading Guarantee

We have signed up to the South Yorkshire Reading Guarantee!



Find out more about this guarantee here, it has some really useful videos:



Reading for pleasure is a more important indicator of future success than any socio-economic factors. OECD, 2002.

WHAT? The Guarantee:

  • Every child will learn to read.

  • Every child will choose to read frequently for pleasure.


Learning to read...

in our school, we:

• Teach with fidelity to a systematic synthetic phonics programme.

• Ensure cumulative progression of sounds and books.

• Build a team of expert reading teachers through regular training.

• Reach the lowest 20% pupils with daily 1:1 tutoring.

• Dedicate sufficient time for the reading leader role.


Creating the conditions for Reading for Pleasure

In our school, we...

• Insist that teachers have an excellent knowledge of children's texts.

• Know our children as readers.

• Are committed to Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy:

                  - Reading aloud.

                  - Informal book talk and recommendations

                  - Reading time.

                  - Social reading environments.

Books to Borrow:


We have a variety of books which are available for parents/carers to borrow. These are on the theme of mental health and philosophy. If you have a particular issue or theme you need support with, please ask a member of staff. The philosophy books are in the main reception. You are welcome to borrow these books but please sign them out and return after use (see the list below). Mental health books are stored elsewhere in school, please ask if you need them.