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Rotherham Children's University

We are a proud member of the Rotherham Children’s University which encourages and rewards children and young people for taking part in learning activities of their choice in their own time. Research shows that children and young people, who are rewarded for choosing to learn out of school, feel proud and confident about their achievements and do better at school.



The Children’s University celebrates children and young people’s achievements with award certificates and badges. To do this, we count the learning credits that they earn out of school time – one for each hour.


The national awards are:

Bronze (30 hours)

Silver (65 hours)

Gold (100 hours)

…and these continue right the way up to 1000 hours!


In order for children to collect credits, the children need to regularly attend their favourite clubs and activities, which take place out of lesson time, in school. As there is set criteria, outlined by the national Children’s University, the school will ensure that our after school clubs meet the requirement and as a result credits will be awarded. Credits will also be awarded in school for several things including: attendance at breakfast club, play leading, the work of the Wombles, the daily mile, music lessons delivered by outside providers and other activities the children take part in as part of the School Leadership Team. At the moment, children can only earn credits through school. Accreditors are currently busy working with local outside providers to quality assure them to enable them to become learning destinations. When this assurance has taken place, children will be able to earn credits through music lessons, visiting the library, sports clubs etc. This will enable children to be rewarded for a wider range of learning that they complete in their own time within the community. 


The school keep a record of all of the credits the children have collected and this information is then passed on to the Children’s University each term. Certificates are awarded each term and children who have achieved their gold award are invited to attend a celebration event where all children across Rotherham come together to celebrate their achievement. 

Exciting news! You can now access Children's University online!