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The Rotherham Charter for Parent and Child Voice

Over the last year we have been working towards achieving the Parent Charter. As a school we are committed to ensuring our children receive the highest quality educational experience and leave us with lifelong skills, enabling them to secure the best possible life chances. We recognise the importance of working with parents as equal partners in their child’s education and value the work and the rationale of the Parent Charter. Achieving the Parents Charter Award is not something that has a clear end point; for us, as a school, it is about continuing to seek your views and evaluating practices to promote continuous improvements in outcomes for children.

The Parents Charter is committed to care, include, communicate and work in partnership with parents and their children so that together we achieve our potential.
The Charter aims include 5 key sections:

We will welcome and care for you and your child by:
  • Providing a happy and secure environment
  • Nurturing confidence, well-being and self esteem
  • Working with you to build a supportive community
  • Making sure your voice is heard and valued
  • Responding with sensitivity
  • Communicating expectations clearly
  • Emphasising strengths and achievements
We will value and include you and your child in every aspect of what we do by:
  • Involving you in the development of our policies, systems and values
  • Having a ‘can do’ approach
  • Identifying needs early and welcoming your involvement at every stage
  • Making sure that all our staff have the right skills and understanding
  • Sharing information about strengths and the needs to everybody who needs to know
  • Being creative and flexible so that we can respond in the best way to individual needs and changing circumstances
  • Involving you in the decision making processes about referrals to others
We will communicate with you and your child openly, clearly and honestly by: 
  • Asking for your views and involvement
  • Being available when you need to talk with us and making time to listen
  • Listening calmly and respectfully
  • Responding promptly and following up
  • Reviewing regularly
  • Providing all the information you need in good time, in a form that you will understand
  • Striving to use positive and constructive language
We will work in partnership with you and your child to enable us to be the best we can be by: 
  • Encouraging your participation
  • Valuing your contributions as equal partners
  • Working together to develop plans, set targets and create and deliver specific programmes
  • Asking to you to help us be even better
There are many different ways you can contribute towards improving our school and giving feedback, these are outlined below:
  • Through attending the Parent Forum
  • Through attending the SEN Forum
  • Responding to regular Questionnaires
  • Feedback informally through discussions with Mrs Mander (Deputy Head Teacher) or Mrs Greenfield.
  • Email Mrs Mander
  • Reading Records or Learning Log books
See Parents Forum section or the SEN Forum section under Parental Involvement for more information about these avenues.