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Grey/ black trousers or skirt

White shirt / polo short or white blouse

Red pullover or cardigan / sweatshirt / fleece

Grey/ black or white socks or tights

Plain black footwear 



White shirt / polo shirt

Grey / black trousers shorts

Grey / black shorts or skirt

Red and white striped or checked dress (gingham)

Grey/ black or white socks or tights

For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear backless shoes, open toed sandals or flip- flops or have bare shoulders (i.e. no “spaghetti straps” on summer clothes).    


PE Kit

When attending school all children should have a PE Kit which consists of:

Plain white T Shirt / polo shirt

Black Shorts

Trainers for outdoor games

For outdoor PE tracksuit bottoms and tops can be worn.  

If the children represent the school in a sporting event, we will provide either a long sleeve football shirt or short sleeve polo shirt.

We will respect variations to our school uniform if they are directly related to established religious or cultural traditions. Any variation will be dealt with on an individual basis and judgements will remain at the discretion of the Head Teacher and the Governing Body.


It is our policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school and educational visits or when participating in a school event outside normal school hours (unless specific guidance has been given to wear alternative clothing).



Children are allowed to wear plain studs in their ears which have to be removed for P.E. and games lessons. The children have to be able to do this themselves.  Necklaces, rings and other body piercing are not allowed


Make Up

No make up or nail varnish should be worn on nails or toes.