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Reading Policy

Phonics and Early Reading Policy

Phase 2 Information Sheet

Phase 2 Information Sheet Continued

Phase 3 Information Sheet

Capital Letter Formation

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In Year 1 all children complete the Phonics Screening Test. This is a reading test which consists of 40 words (20 real words and 20 nonsense / pseudo words). The test is a pass or fail test and the results will be reported on an individual basis, as part as of your child's annual report, and at a whole school level, on the Key Information Section of the website. Children, who do not pass the test in Year 1, will retake the test in Year 2 to ensure they have made progress and are now able to meet the national standard. Any child who still requires additional phonic support, after Year 2, will complete a highly differentiated intensive support programme, on entry to Year 3, to ensure they do not continue to fall behind. 

Phonics Screening Check Meeting

This year the phonics screening check will take place in the week beginning Monday 6th June. Please watch this video to find out further information.

Sample Phonics Screening Words

Pure Sounds Video

How we say the sounds when teaching phonics in school.

Introduction to Phase 2

Introduction to Phase 3

Introduction to Phase 4

Introduction to Phase 5

Useful Websites

Love Reading 4 Kids

BBC Schools Literacy ages 4-11

Phonics Play

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