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Our School Vision


At Anston Hillcrest, we work together as a community to provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment where everyone is valued and shown respect. We value the Mental Health and Well Being of the whole community. We create an inclusive culture, with an ambition of success for all. Our curriculum stimulates and excites the imagination, providing children with the knowledge they need to thrive; be successful learners; meet the challenges of an ever-changing, diverse world and

'Make a Difference'

Our Curriculum is designed to ensure that all our children receive a high-quality of education. We ensure that all subject intents enable us to build on the strengths and overcome barriers that are specific to our school context, starting with our values. 


We ensure that we map our knowledge-based Curriculum, providing purposeful opportunities focused on our three main drivers of READING, LOCAL AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP and CREATIVITY:

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