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Welcome to our Music Page!

Here you will find information about the National Curriculum for Music and how we incorporate Music into our Learning Journeys at Anston Hillcrest Primary School.


Our music curriculum aims to provide all pupils with a high quality music education which engages and inspires children to develop a life-long love of music, increases their self-confidence, creativity, and imagination, and provides opportunities for self-expression and a sense of personal achievement . We offer opportunities for children to develop their talents in all aspects of music including composition, singing and appreciation.  We follow the Charanga scheme through FS2 to KS2 to deliver this vision.

There are also some useful links to web pages that will support your child's Music learning at home.
Keep checking back throughout the year to see us celebrate our Musical Achievements!

How do children progress musically in each year group?

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 1

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 2

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 3

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 4

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 5

Knowledge and Skills

- Year 6

What are our expectations for each Key Stage?

End of Key Stage 1 Expectations

End of Key Stage 2 Expectations

Knowledge Organisers - An overview for each year group

Year 1 Music Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 Music Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 Music Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 Music Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Music Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Music Knowledge Organiser


Music Vocabulary Year 1 - 6

Music Learning at Home

Children's Music

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